10 Totally Inspiring Children’s Ministry Blogs

Children's Ministry Blogs that will inspire your ministry

There are so many creative souls out there that have a heart for introducing children to Jesus Christ and helping them learn how to worship. As someone who is still relatively new to the Children’s Ministry world, I am always on the hunt for people who have a passion for honing their storytelling skills or inviting children to learn about God and the Bible in fresh and innovative ways as well as people who deepen my understanding of childhood spiritual formation.

What follows is my personal opinion and what I have found inspirational.  Here are some of the gems I have come across: Continue reading

Elijah and the Whirlwind Preschool Lesson Ideas

Elijah whirlwind chariot with fire

Sometimes I get brave enough to do something really messy during Sunday school. 

I know all the kiddos are dressed in their Sunday best and there is very little time for clean up between Sunday school and Children’s worship, but when I know the kids will love an activity and it is clearly something that will reinforce the lesson….well I just can’t resist!
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“We are going to fish for people”- Godly Play in Action

Fishers of men

This Sunday one of the four year olds in my Godly Play group wanted to choose the “Sea of Galilee” for her work.

We have been telling the stories from Sonja Stewart’s Following Jesus and many of the stories take place in and around the Sea of Galilee.

I watched as she laid out the piece of blue flannel we use for the sea.  She then went to the shelf to get the boat and then She carefully lined up all the disciples in the boat.  As many as she could fit. Continue reading

Serving Tree- teaching young children about serving Jesus

Sharing God's Love: Children serving others

I want my children to know that they can make a difference in their world for Jesus right now and that serving isn’t something reserved for special occasions or for when they are older.

I teach the 3-5 year olds at church and wanted to design some activities centered around kindness and serving others that would invite the children to think about ways children (even them personally) can help others and show them God’s love. Continue reading

Handling Faith Misunderstandings with Children

Family meal times are a priority in our home as is prayer before each meals.  I must admit that the actual experience of family mealtime at our house isn’t all Norman Rockwell and Leave it to Beaver like.  In reality, it sometimes seems like I am raising rabid animals who require a crash course in manners EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.

kids are literal thinkers and their faith often grows in unexpected waysWhen my children were very small, I got into the habit of dishing out their food before prayer mainly so I could enjoy my own meal after we prayed instead of spending ten minutes serving them and fetching them the 45 things that I somehow managed to forget bringing to the table, but also to give the food a few minutes to cool down so no little tongues would get burned. Continue reading

Entering the Story…Jesus appears to his disciples by the sea

Jesus appears to the disciples Easter lesson

It’s still Easter…and during this time of getting to know Jesus in a new way, we  have been hearing stories of Jesus appearing to His followers after His resurrection.  First on the day of his resurrection to Mary Magdalene and then later to the pair of followers on the road to Emmaus, then to more of his followers and to Thomas who had missed seeing Jesus the first time. Continue reading

Jesus Calms the Storm- Preschool Lesson

Jesus calms the storm open ended art response. Chalk on Black Paper

It’s springtime in Kansas and the time for fantastic storms—unless of course you are a young child terrified of thunder.

Just this week we had a storm in the night with a thunderclap so loud it woke our entire household and brought our young Childen to tears.

So fitting that our lesson this week was the story of Jesus calms the storm.  As the children entered the room, I provided black paper and chalk and invited them to “draw a storm” Continue reading

Where’s the big idea?  3 Reasons Your Bible Lesson May Not Need a Big Idea.

3 reasons your Bible lesson doesn't need a big idea

When I learned to write lesson plans for children’s ministry, I learned to give the lesson a focused big idea, but the more I spend time with children and listen to what God is doing in their hearts, the more I wonder if big ideas are really that BIG a deal.  Here are three reasons, I am exploring other ways of teaching Bible truths to kids. Continue reading

Godly Play Art Shelves

Watercolor paints for Godly Play space

We have been on a Godly Play journey for about a year and I am loving it.  I knew that even though I had read extensively on the Godly Play approach that I needed to go to a training to fill in the gaps between my understanding and best practices in Godly Play.

Each time a training near me came around, I had conflicts and couldn’t make it, but just this month I was able to attend the CORE training.

The training in storytelling and the art of wondering will continue to drive us toward doing Godly Play better with our children.

One of the most practical helps for me personally was to see a fully functioning Godly Play space “live” and up close.

One of the first things I did upon returning home was rearrange and reorganize our classroom.

Here are a few pictures of our art materials after reorganizing them.  The area I was having the most difficulty knowing how to manage. Continue reading